This is just such a shitty excuse for a relationship

Do little things to treat yourself. On a free day, go on an adventure somewhere. It doesn matter where. This is all based on the rather strange conceit that our standard of living isn’t determined by our ability to buy the things we actually need to, you know, live, but instead by our ability to buy gold. That’s why, back in 2009, Moore said that he thought “the big failure of the Bush presidency” was that “when he entered office the price of gold was $300 an ounce” but “when he left office the price of gold was $1,000 an ounce.” Now, this would be a forgivable idiosyncrasy as long as gold prices were countercyclical that is, they rose when unemployment fell, and fell when it rose so that we’d at least be adding or taking away monetary stimulus at the appropriate macroeconomic times under this system. But they’re not.

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