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UNTIL NOW. This is not the guide to end all guides obviously, but just my experiences after living my whole life in the frozen tundra know as WISCONSIN. And so, without further ado. This is a catch 22. On the one hand the federal government doesn have the money to pay salaries of an expanded work force, but on the other hand helping people get back to work can be all that bad. If the president wants to put people back to work then he should be willing to give up other things.

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This is very sad news for me, i was wondering why there were no updates in this section for over a week. A lot of readers approach this section to be informed of new discoveries in space and leaps in science technology, and there is no specific section in CNN which has all this information. Im living in the middle east and know a lot of people here who like me regularly visit and are aware of this blog.

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The people committing suicides are merely suffering from problems at home, family problems, relationship problems, but instead lets twist it around to make it sound like everyone is sick of the war. While many people would prefer to be home, they understand the mission, their duty to country and they remember 9 11 and how the taliban protected bin laden. The remember how they ruled this country and their people.

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