We are in that part of Canada once known as la nouvelle France

Congratulations to Tin To Chan, Naiwen Cui, Howard Pang, and William Zhao for placing first in Junior Team Design. Naman Kumar, Woohyuk (Austin) Lee, Samuel Legge, and Michael Winer took the prize in the Senior Team Design category. Last but not least, the team of Adriana Cameron, Ian Davies, Trevor Jenkins, and William Zochodne lead the way in the Consulting Engineering division.

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steroids drugs I have one honourable mention that wasn’t reviewed for Universe Today during the year. The annual anthology edited by Gardner Dozois is a regular treat for me. In it, are his selections of short and medium length stories from a variety of sources. No other university in Canada can boast a location that is 600 metres away from a foreign country steroids, an international neighbour steroids, and a city with a French name: Detroit. Put a compass in the middle of the iconic Ambassador Bridge, describe a circle, and you have a greater metropolitan area of more than 5 million people in two different countries, with exponential social and cultural opportunities. We are in that part of Canada once known as la nouvelle France steroids, which explains our rich heritage of French place names. steroids drugs

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