Winter tires have softer tread with deeper grooves

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THOMSON, Florence Isabella Passed away on Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 at the wonderful age of 98 years. She was born at Manor, SK on October 14th, 1915, the second of ten children born to Hector and Henrietta McAlaster. In 1935 she was working for the Ernie Thomson family at Codette where she met her husband to be Percy Thomson, the brother and neighbor of Ernie.

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There is reason to assume Todd Gurley (vs. 49ers) will have a poorer PPR week, as the Niners have allowed the fewest catches and second fewest yards to backs. (Update: Gurley is doubtful for this week.)The lowest yardage allowed via the air to RBs has been by the Falcons, so although you’re not sitting David Johnson this week in any format, his PPR value may actually not live up to its usual standard.

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