You just have to tell yourself to do it again so you

The show first became popular amongst this demographic after it went somewhat viral on 4chan a rather famous imageboard. Someone wrote a negative essay (The End of the Creator Driven Era in TV Animation) on the show which subsequently spiked interest (read: near war on the 4chan cartoonboard which led to a temporary ban of pony related discussion and the creation of a ponies only imageboard) that (because of the humor and adult targeted references) was miraculously sustained. And managed to spread..

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RB Derrick Henry has proven to be a top runner and also gets stronger as the game progresses. QB Ryan Tannehill has found a groove, now 8 3 since taking over mid season while averaging 29.6 points per game in those 11 starts. Should Tennessee fall behind early, they will continue to fight, leaving a reasonable backdoor cover possibility.

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